Uprooted by Naomi Novik

image“What an unequaled gift for disaster you have.”

So I’m going to start off my review with talking about the catch phrase on the cover “enchanting in every sense” – the whole time reading this story I couldn’t stop thinking about the quote. I would have to agree that it is a spot on description, while reading uprooted, I had goose bumps it is a truly enchanting & magical story. I loved uprooted and it will always be one of those very special books I have read. It actually reminded me of a disney story but obviously less childish. So definitely a guilty pleasure that I will hold close to my heart and always reread.


When I first picked up uprooted I totally rolled my eyes and thought ‘great another YA trash book that’s like all the others’ I usually avoid books that have a lot of hype because I guess the hype just isn’t for me, but what I actually got was a pleasant surprise, this book is so different to anything I have ever read before, the ideas are fresh and fun. A friend of mine told me this is his daughters favorite book, I now understand why everyone loves it, it is beautiful.

It definitely gave me the FEELS! I did however cry a few times in this story, not because it was sad, but because I loved the writing so much.. It had some really beautiful sentences that melted my heart, as you all know I am a sensitive little flower and cry at every chance I get, lol I’m pathetic I know but I love being emotional, I love when a book makes me cry.


One of the lines that made me cry;

“After a moment he grudgingly put his arm around me. The deep quiet was already settling back upon the grove, as if all the fire and rage we’d brought could make only a brief interruption in its peace. The ash had sunk into the muddy bottom of the pool, and been swallowed up. The trees were letting their scorched leaves fall into the water, and moss crept over the torn bare patches of earth, new blades of grass unfurling. At the head of the pool, the new heart-tree tangled with the old one, bracing it up, sealing over the jagged scar. They were putting out small white flowers, like stars.”

Honestly I have no idea why I cried, it just touched my heart. :’)

I absolutely loved the plot – every ten years the grumpy old dragon comes from his tower and chooses a girl from the valley to train as a witch, no one knows why he does it. In the story he chooses Agnieszka who is not pretty or special in anyway but in my opinion she is a truly beautiful character, yes she did irritate me with her ‘too good’ attitude and what I mean by that is she is actually made from rainbows, puppy dogs & kittens she is the sweetest little thing with absolutely no badness in her. I like grey characters so Agnieszka wasn’t for me, but I did however love her at the same time. She is clumsy & quite stubborn but actually only has good intentions. She ends up being one of the strongest witches despite her unwillingness to learn. Her magic is different from everyone else’s so everyone thinks she is quite special. There was a moment in the book were she went into the forest with Baba Jagas book and said a spell that made the corruption cringe from her, I do not understand why she didn’t keep using that spell to destroy the forest. I guess she’s ‘too good’ to destroy anything, but it all worked out in the end as it always does with stories like this.


The dragon was a character that I LOVED. Seriously I liked him from the beginning and ended up in love with him at the end. He is the grumpiest person alive but an absolute sweet heart under that tough exterior. I liked reading about his past and really felt sympathy for him.

Kasia was my favorite, so pretty but deadly. She was the only character in this book that I felt was a badass. The friendship between her Agnieszka touched my soul, true friendship :’).

I hated all the other characters, I really did not like Solya I felt he was a turncoat and would blow whatever way the wind was blowing he has no loyalty to anyone except for himself and Marek who is a rapist pig.

“Magic was singing in me, through me; I felt the murmur of his power singing back that same song.”

The magic in this book was spot on for me & realistic. When I think of witchcraft I don’t think of mind control or anything cool and epic, I think of spell casters having to learn spells of magic to get any effect and that’s what u get in this story, magic takes time to learn and you need to pronounce the spell correctly to have an effect so I was glad the author made it realistic.

There was a sex scene in this book which was raunchy as hell, I don’t think this book would be suitable for anyone under 16 unless you censor out chapter 27 lol.

The monsters were creepy and I googled every monster and found out the author did her research and used real monsters from folklore. So a great, heart warming read for everyone. Seriously this is one of those cute, warm fluffy reads that makes you smile the whole time your reading it, adorable & lovable in every sense.

“But she hadn’t been able to take root. She’d remembered the wrong things, and forgotten too much. She’d remembered how to kill and how to hate, and she’d forgotten how to grow.”

Review by Luna.

Total rating:

One thought on “Uprooted by Naomi Novik

  1. Great review! I loved this story soo much, and was pleasently surprised that it wasn’t YA. YESS for the sex scene 😉

    The language was absolutely beautiful, i esoecially loved the descriptions of the dragon and Agnieszka working magic together ❤

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