Scythe (Arc of a Scythe, #1) by Neal Shusterman

                   “Thou shalt kill.”

Okay, so YA isn’t my normal genre of choice for a number of reasons, the genre itself is pretty bland and most books are samey same but this book was extremely different to the normal stereotypical YA read, it would also have to be one of my favourite YA books to date, it’s up there next to Illuminae. For a book about death and morbid shit I expected a lot more death, and wished the author didn’t hold back while delivering the goods like there wasn’t enough blood and that’s because it is a YA book, so it annoyed me. Basically the plot is about a world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery. Humanity has conquered all those things, and has even conquered death. Now scythes are the only ones who can end life—and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the size of the population under control. This is literally the blurb copy and pasted because I feel saying more will be spoilerish. But I will say it’s as good as it sounds don’t let the 3.5 rating put you off, I’m just a hater and had issues with it, but I feel most YA lovers and a lot of fantasy fans would adore this book, the plot raises a lot of questions but my main question, funnily enough was also asked in the book; “Only scythes can equalize that (death), but everyone knows the chance of being gleaned in this, or even the next millennium is so low as to be ignored.We are not the same beings we once were. So then, if we are no longer human, what are we?” it definitely had me thinking and it made me realise I would never like to live in a world like this. I thought it was humorous and well written and I love a good fast paced dystopian Sci-Fi. Like it took me by surprise with how good it actually was. Most YA imo have very simplistic plots, this books plot is pretty simple but there were a lot of TWISTS that made the book exciting and added complexity to the story. Most of them I never expected, so it kept me interested and I continued to read. It’s funny because I actually hated the start, I’m not a fan of my Main characters being high school students, don’t get me wrong i don’t dislike teenagers. I am a mother so love all kids. I just hate that nearly every high school character has the same personality. There’s always the snarky, full of angst, semi emo, outspoken brat female and always the I’m so cool male but in reality he is a pussy… And this book had those characters, yes they did develop into okay-ish characters but I’m just sick of these personality types, not all teenagers are like this. I’ll admit I really enjoyed Rowans development at the end and think he is now a cool character but Citra stayed flat for me like I HATE HER. I also like Faraday and LOVED Curie.“I can’t believe you’re being taught by the Scythe Curie.  The Grandma of Death!”

“Grande Dame, not grandma.”

I also didn’t enjoy the insta-love, seriously it came out of no where and had no build up, so it made me want to internationally scream and headbutt something,  this book in my opinion would have been better if there was no romance and the two MC’s hated each other. But that’s just what I wanted from the story and not everyone is bloodthirsty and gore-obsessed like me.

My favourite part;

“Esme ate far too much pizza. Her mother told her pizza would be the death of her. She never imagined it might actually be true.”

I would totally embrace a death by pizza.

Recommended to everyone.

Review by Luna.


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