The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson 

“Her aunt Sol had once told Shai to smile at the worst insults and snap at the minor ones. That way, no man would know your heart.”

One of my favorite short stories by Brandon Sanderson. It’s literally only 105 pages long so it is very short. I can remember reading it for the first time and loving every second of it, on the reread I noticed a few things I had missed and it was exceptional to read again. I seriously can’t recommend this story enough. One of my all time favorite books. The feels are real and this story is filled with raw emotion.

” If you were the wall, what would you rather be? Dreary and dull, or alive with paint?”

“Walls can’t think!”

“That doesn’t stop them from caring.” 

Shai is fucking awesome. I love her.

Image from Tor hardcover edition of Arcanum Unbounded

The writing is everything you would expect from a Sanderson, it’s mind blowing and full of beautiful vivid imagery. The magic system is unique and different from his normal type, I love the whole concept of making a ‘new soul’. I swear I just love Sanderson so much. And I love this book. Please everyone go and read it! It’s so wonderfully glorious. side note: this book is set in Sel (same world as Elantris, you do not need to read Elantris first)

“He found himself weeping. Not for the future or for the emperor. These were the tears of a man who saw before himself a masterpiece. True art was more than beauty; it was more than technique. It was not just imitation. It was boldness, it was contrast, it was subtlety.”

Funnily enough I find myself weeping at the end of Sandersons novels for the exact same reasons.

Recommended to all fans of Sanderson. You do not need to read his other books before this one, unless you buy Arcanum Unbounded then I suggest reading Mistborn 1-6 first and also Stormlight Archive 1-2. Read in Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection anthology.

Review by Luna.


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