Red Winter (Red Winter Trilogy #1) by Annette Marie

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Rating: 9.5/10

“Actions change our course, influence our futures, but intentions define us, empower us. Without intent, we are nothing.”

How dare you, Annette Marie, How dare you.


I love this author because she has this amazing ability to grab my heart and crush it with her enthralling plots, outstanding characters, soul-crushing romance, and amazing world building.

Red Winter, has been on my radar for a while. You can blame it on the cover because it is absolutely gorgeous. When I heard it was going to be based on Japanese mythology; I’m not lying when I say I literally screamed for 5 minutes.





Red Winter, is a bit hard to get into in the beginning but I promise YOU, it gets better. Just do me a favor and push yourself through it and you’ll come back thanking me.

Red Winter, is entirely narrated by our MC, Emi. At the age of eight, she had been marked to become a kamigakari which is a human host/vessel for a goddess named Amaterasu. A goddess or god cannot come down to Earth without having a host and it takes roughly 10 years for a kamigakari to be prepared for it. For a decade, Emi had dedicated every moment of her life to become the perfect human host and she had a loooooot of restrictions which led to her having a somewhat isolated life. She never had the chance to experience anything worthwhile or pretty much live life as a normal girl. Being a human host meant taking no part in anything that could potentially harm her or destroy her purity. All of that changes when, Emi stumbled across the ugly truths concerning her fate and begins to doubt everything she has ever believed in.


Let’s talk about Emi. Well, she is strong, naive, wise, brave, loyal and courageous. Her character went through a looooooot of development within this book. Honestly, at first I wasn’t to pleased with her character in the beginning but once I started to progress through the story; she ended up growing on me. I’m actually thrilled to see what else Annette Marie has in store for Emi’s character.

Aaaaaand you can’t honestly expect me to forget my future husbands: Shiro and Yumei.


Y’all can get in line.

I will not get into their characters because I’m afraid that will take forever but do please prepare for them. They will wreck you.

But listen, that’s not what I want to discuss.

When I got my hands on the book and begun reading it; I found out by surprise that Annette Marie decided to include illustrations inside. Like whaaaaaa..??? I didn’t know. What the heck. Came out of the blue. But who is complaining????? Who wouldn’t want to know how the characters actually look like???




These illustrations were so well done and captured everything I imagined these characters to look like. It was as if the author went inside my mind and thought, “This is what Tweebs want and this is what Tweebs shall get.” , I was so unprepared like I was casually swiping to the next page thinking I was going to be greeted with words on it but NOPEEEEEE! I was hit with illustrations instead.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this but I felt a tear drop like…..the beauty of these illustrations though. Wow. I’m not crying. You are. Yes, you.

Now, I hope you didn’t think I wouldn’t share these beautiful illustrations, did you?????? From this point on, your eyes will be blessed.

I dare anyone to fight me on this.

There’s plenty more lovely illustrations inside the book and I’d love nothing more to share them all but the thing is…I’m cruel. You have to read this in order to see the rest of them ;p

Hope you all love it as much as I did but………that’s unlikely!!!! 

Review by Tweebs

Read in April 2017

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