Saint’s Blood (Greatcoats #3) by Sebastien de Castell

“Deato mendea valus febletta. The Gods give every man a weakness.”


Another amazing novel in a fantastic series. I seriously can’t recommend these books enough to fantasy fans. This is definitely my favourite novel in the series so far, however for me it still had some pretty minor flaws. The book is set four months after its predecessor. It follows Falcio, Kest & Brasti as they go on another adventure full of good shit.

“Every village needs an idiot,”

After reading two books in the series and feeling kinda meh about them, I was relieved that I enjoyed this one from start to finish. The writing continues to be flawless, the action scenes are amazing and so well written. This time around I found the fights & action scenes less ‘random’. Like I was only here for the badassery and fist fights, luckily I got both. One of my favourite things about this novel is that it’s extremely fast paced, so I didn’t have time to get bored while reading it, like shit went down on every page. So it’s easily devoured, I’m a snail and read it in two days. One of the minor cons for me is the book is written in first person POV, this is definitely a matter of personal taste and it shouldn’t effect anyone else’s reading experience. But it ruined mine. I just wanted to be in Brasti and Kest’s brains aswell, honestly I’m goddamn sick of Falcio & his bitching, That brings me to another minor issue I had with the novel, I can’t stand the way Falcio is. his such a dick, the way he talks to his friend is depressing & tbh he is just a depressing sap and I feel because we read from only his perspective that the book takes on a depressing feel and kinda saps the fun out the book at times. But I still love the idiot, ALSO I hate the romance in this novel it feels so forced, so whenever the ‘insta-love pair’ were together I felt like headbutting a wall. Now all that shitty stuff is out of the way, I can outrageously gush over the things I loved about this book. I’m a sucker for a bromance and totally LOVE the bromance contained in this novel. It gave me all the feels. Instead of the Three Musketeers for me it’s like the Three Stooges only with a swords & sorcery, they are all endearing idiots. The banter is amazing. Like I just want to embrace all three characters.. even Falcio who I think could out talk me in a talking competition. Like damn that guy never shuts up. But seriously they all need to become my friends in real life. I felt more emotionally attached to the characters in this book, so at some parts while reading dust flew into my eyes and made them water. The character development is amazing for all characters, especially one of the side character Valiana, imo she is one of the best developed fantasy characters ever and definitely one of my favourites. I also adore two new characters Aline because she has more balls then the men and she’s a 14 year old girl & Tommer because his the bravest snowflake ever created. I totally missed Darriana in this book, I need more of her.
A fantastic character driven novel with a fun and well thought-out plot. This book borderlines on grimdark and I love how savage it is. I definitely approve.
P.s. Saint mercy would hate me because I’m as bloodthirsty as they come, plus I hate the bitch and want to stab her with a blunt rusted fork.


Review by Luna.

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