Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1) by Jay Kristoff

“Never Flinch.’ A cold whisper in her ear. ‘Never fear. And never, ever forget.”

This is honestly the hardest book for me to rate/review. I hated it so much but loved it at the same time. So I’m still sitting on the fence about my rating, I think 2.5 stars is the fairest rating for this book, not great but not terrible. Firstly I must mention the writing, I just don’t know how to feel about it, I’m leaning more towards hate. The writing itself is very flowery and descriptive, it’s full of terrible metaphors and similes. So I found it extremely overwhelming and annoying, I also grew to hate the useless footnotes despite some of them being hilarious. It distracted me from the story. I understand some people love this lyrical writing style and see the beauty in it, however I’m a simpleton and saw no beauty. It honestly made me at time not want to pick the book back up. Some descriptions were so long and unnecessary, like I mean they didn’t even make sense at all. So half the time I was rereading what I just read and thinking “dafuq is that shite”. Example; “If her face were a puzzle, most would put it back in the box, unfinished.”
That quote made me want to put this book back in the box unfinished, but I didn’t I forced myself to read on. Why? Well firstly because the main character is AMAZING, secondly there was a lot of badassery going on; “People often shit themselves when they die. Their muscles slack and their souls flutter free and everything else just … slips out.”

So considering that the cons out weighed the pros, I’m going to say that this book was extremely average for me. I loved some of the quotes and I appreciate the differentness of the novel but there was too many tropes and that writing.. *shudders*.

“Iron or glass? They’d asked.

Mia clenched her jaw. Shook her head.

She was neither.

She was steel.”

The story follows a girl named Mia, her whole family is killed and she swears revenge. Mia is sent to a school where they train killers. But there is more to Mia then meets the eye, she has a special gift she must learn to use before she becomes a killer of killers. If I were to right now look past the writing and rate the story I would give it four stars, despite containing the whole school/competition trope and having a mean girl bully like every book these days, it was interesting, the magic system is definitely unique and I’m happy with the character development. I think I should talk about Mia now (I’m really gonna gush because she’s my animal spirit). Mia is incredible, seriously everyone needs to go and read this novel now, if you hate the writing just read it for Mia, she’s my perfect bloodstained psycho snowflake. O’gentlefriends, trust me when I say Mia is a badass. “Cock is just another word for ‘fool.’ But you call someone a cunt, well …” The girl smiled. “You’re implying a sense of malice there. An intent. Malevolent and self-aware. Don’t think I name Consul Scaeva a cunt to gift him insult. Cunts have brains, Don Tric. Cunts have teeth. Someone calls you a cunt, you take it as a compliment. As a sign that folk believe you’re not to be lightly fucked with.” A shrug. “I think they call that irony.” Unfortuntely when I think of female characters as assassins my first thought goes to Calaena from Throne of Glass, I know what your thinking.. Why do I even consider that loser as a proper assassin? The thing is I don’t. but she has stained female assassins for me forever, she’s not a badass just a joke, imo. Fortunately in this novel we are given Mia, who thankfully is the complete opposite to Calaena, Mia is a blood thirsty, cigarillo smoking, smart mouthed, sassy as fuck, badass warrior assassin who actually kills people and does her job instead of farting around a castle, eating cake, complaining about period pain and staring in the mirror. Mia is everything Calaena should have been. I love her.

“At the heart of it, two kinds of people live in this world or any other: those who flee and those who fight. Your kind has many terms for the latter sort. Berserker. Killer instinct. More balls than brains.”

Another thing this novel is not YA, the author even said so himself on his blog. This is an adult coming of age story, YES the MC is 16 years old but that doesn’t mean this book is a YA! It talks about the nitty gritty of being a female, periods, first time sex & crushes. But that’s where the YA stops. This book is warped and I can’t recommend you enough to keep your young kids away. There was a part in this story that surprised me at the warpedness of it. Mia imagined stabbing someone and riding them at the same time and was turned on by this thought!!! Incredible scene but definitely O’ gentlefriends not for children. It also contained torture, a lot of death, swearing & more death. Okay while we are still kinda on the subject of sex this book contains the most horrendously written sex scene my poor eyes has ever read. It was a disgrace. Worst then SJM sex scenes… In future can this author not call a penis a root?! Wtf.. I’ve read some pretty questionable sex scenes in my life but the one in this book tops it. I actually felt embarrassed after reading it and I have no idea why.

“I appear to have misplaced the fucks I give for what you think…”

Pretty much an okay read for me, I think most people would love this book tho. Despite it being boring as hell in the middle and having extremely over used tropes, I found myself satisfied at the conclusion.
I nearly forgot to mention HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS COVER IS. I feel blessed by its beauty. I actually love all three covers, like they are probably one of my all time favorite book covers. Ever.

“You’ve got the look of a girl who’s no stranger to the page. I can tell. You’ve got words on your soul. ___ quote continued after editing out some talking__ “The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark our places in the pages, those pages leave their marks on us. I can see it in you, sure as I see it in me. You’re a daughter of the words. A girl with a story to tell.”

I will continue reading this series and am looking forward to more future works from this author.

please note all fanart used in this review is not my own, all fanart can be found on Google images & credit can go to the wonderful artists who created them.


Review by Luna

12 thoughts on “Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1) by Jay Kristoff

  1. Love your review! A root, oh god 😀

    I hated the footnotes, the narrator was a pretentious prick and I agree that the language was too flowery.

    This book pissed me off so much, I didn’t even finish. If half of the page is a footnote with some unimportant information that is supposed to be funny but just cringey, there’s something wrong.

    Also, the repetition, my gentlefriend. Yes, i know, the shadow cat has no eyes but still looks at you with her not eyes. Or something like that 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this comment! I can feel the hate from here 😄. It truly annoyed me so much, did you get as far as the sex scene? It was so bad. Haha I can remember one of the footnotes was about a random arse bridge and it went for a whole half a page. By the end I stopped reading them & just read the story!
      Lol the repetitiveness was terrible, I loathed the descriptions.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I only read the first one that ran parallel to the main character stabbing someone to death. I really want to read the ‘root scene’ now though 😀

        Hahaha, I guess it would have been better to skip the footnotes from the start.. I only remember one about some monks who got their tongues cut off and I think it was only there so that the author could make a cringey joke about them not being able to satisfy their ladies anymore… why this comment was there? I don’t know my gentlefriend 😀


  2. Great review, I enjoyed the book when I read it last year but definitely had some issues.

    Damn straight this book isn’t Y-A, I was lucky enough to get a review copy early last year and just before and after it was released so many people were proclaiming it was Y-A and I was like, hell no! Some of the worst stuff I’ve read in fantasy in Nevernight and I read dark stuff.😂 I truly don’t understand the whole ‘if the main character is young then the book is Y-A’ thing though, it’s stupid, loads of books start with a young character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoyed it too. I really like Mia, the amount of issues it had for me was crazy but for some reason I don’t hate this book & will continue with the series.

      Haha Ikr?! Some of the stuff in this book was so full on and the same as you, I read grimdark. I was bloody cringing. I suppose this is the reason I enjoyed it other then Mias character !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mia is definitely great, one of the reasons why the book is good.

        Ha, yeah, certainly full on, I don’t read Y-A so couldn’t compare it to others in that genre but when people were saying it was Y-A I’m like seriously!😂 And those Y-A readers loved it, even though it isn’t Y-A but offer them grimdark/adult fantasy to read and they’ll say they don’t like it, it’s to dark!😂


  3. I appreciate your points on the writing for this book – I always have a hard time taking a story seriously when there are bad metaphors left and right haha. I was already on the fence with this one, so I think I’ll hold off until the series is further along. I know you appreciate robust fantasy like I do, so I imagine our thoughts on this one would be similar. Great review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks lovely! We different have very similar taste. I feel like the writing in this story is very beautiful, however some metaphors were silly & the footnotes were pointless. I think it’s a great idea to wait until book two is released, I’ll definitely be continuing this series despite my issue with the writing! The main character is so compelling 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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