Swarm and Steel by Michael R. Fletcher

This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Release date is 22nd of August 2017.

Rating: 9/10

“Am I a monster?”
“If you are. I am too,”

This book was so totally & utterly disturbing and I’m in awe of Michael R. Fletcher’s writing prowess. But loving this book totally made me think to myself “since when did I become such a warped morbid piece of shit?”. I feel like only warped minded people could love a novel like this. It’s basically a book about cannibalism, madness, revenge, hate & love. YEAH YOU READ CORRECTLY… LOVE. This is quite possibly the most fucked up ‘love story’ I’ve ever read in my entire life but I totally dig it & it’s my new favorite ever romance. I actually found it so adorable “I’ll never leave you. I’ve lost everything except you and now I have more than I’ve ever had in all my life.”(it’s actually not adorable and a normal person would find it twisted and deranged) however I’m not normal and I am quite deranged so this love story was clearly made for me.

This book was an easy read for me, because I have read Beyond Redemption so I understood the terminology used for the types of powers contained in the novel, I also stumbled upon this; Beyond Redemption Wiki which helped a lot with understanding what all the German words meant. It’s a stand alone novel but it is still set in the same world of Manifest Delusions, so you can read this novel without reading the authors other works. There was a few mentions of the characters from Beyond Redemption which I loved, but there was no major spoilers for the other series.

In a world where Sanity is a delusion, reality a myth. We follow our main protagonist Zerfall who has woken up in an alley with her head smashed in and no recollection of her past all she knows is that she is in danger and must get as far away from the Tauschung as possible, the Tauschung is a mad religion with its own private hell called swarm. Upon escaping the city she makes her way into the desert where she runs into a naive boy named Jateko who has accidentally killed a warrior from his tribe. Jateko has an unhealthy obsession with eating people because he believes that he will take their powers from consuming their brains.

I had one minor con and that was it took a while to get exciting and I also read a PDF version which was quite painful as I’m blind as a bat and couldn’t zoom in on the words, but that couldn’t be helped and I’m so grateful the author offered me the ARC. I loved the humor so much, “The priestess grunted and strained and farted and Jateko wondered what kind of horrendous diet led to such effort for a simple crap. If all the people of the civilized city-states shat like these priests, the cities would be even fouler than he thought.
It’s a much lighter read then Beyond Redemption & it has made me so much more excited for The Mirrors Truth. This author is definitely a favourite and I cannot wait to read all of his fucked up shite.

Definitely a fantastic novel that all grimdark fans should read. Another highly rated book which has wormed its way straight onto my favourites shelf. This novel definitely isn’t for everyone, some scenes were quite confronting and it did contain child abuse, so if your a soft teddy bear, you should stay far away from this authors work.

Review by Luna

10 thoughts on “Swarm and Steel by Michael R. Fletcher

  1. Anyone that has read my blog knows that apart from being eloquent (no swearing or sarcasm –
    yeah, right) polite and courtesy, the epitome of a gentleman blogger, I am also a soft teddy bear and yet I love Fletcher’s dark and deluded books!!!! 🙂

    All sarcasm aside, it’s so nice to see someone else who swears in their reviews! So many people seem not to, I guess for Y-A where there is no swearing then fine but for books like this and fantasy/grimdark in general (books that themselves contain lots of swearing) then there’s no reason not to include curse words in the review! Great job!

    You’ll love The Mirror’s Truth! It’s f#cking awesome and the climax is one long holy sh#t moment of awesomeness!!

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    1. Hahaha I love the sarcasm. I live and breath sarcasm! But I think your description fits me aswell I’m a proper lady *cough* ahem sorry something is stuck in my throat.

      Hell yeah, I love swearing, I’m not being myself if I’m not swearing. I don’t know how to tone it down. But I agree when reviewing grimdark or a book like Locke Lamorr, you really need to swear to get your point across lol 😂 thank you!
      Hahahaha oh my god! I’m so excited for the Mirrors truth, my body is ready for badassery. Ah that climax sounds f@cking amazing 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well…..I’d gathered you were a proper lady as your name comes up as Lady Luna!😂

        I love swearing too, though it’s the lesser of my two evils, the worse being the comments I make, I lack a filter and of I think it’s funny then that’s good enough!😂

        True, if the book has swearing in it then there’s no reason that the review shouldn’t. I get some people would try and be more eloquent but I’d say f#cking awesome in real-life so may as well be true to myself and say f#cking awesome in a review and if anyone takes offence well, f#ck them!😂

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      2. Hahahah that’s my evil alter ego.

        I have the same no filter disease! Looks like we are two peas in a pod.

        Yeah me too. Hahahahaha they can go to hell if they are offended. I use the block button to its full extent, so should everyone else 😋

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  2. As the soft teddy bear said above, great job! I am going to start those delusional books next month. Reshuffled a lot of my schedule because you are tempting me too much for my own good. Damn us deranged and dark ones…We love to be like this. Btw, I am learning so many pretty curses and swear words these days that I have decided to keep a notebook. Ani’s delusionally dirty book of deranged d…can you suggest some d-word?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you Anindita! I hope you love them, they are one big mind f#ck! Hahhaha deranged and dark ones 😁 I love it! Hahahahaha a swear word notebook?! Maybe I should create one too, if you haven’t read Scott Lynches books yet I suggest you do, they taught me a wide range of swear words that I use on a daily basis!
      A d word.. Only thing coming to mind is dick Hahahaha 😂😂

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  3. Great review as always. Can’t wait to read this one soon. It is sitting on my e-reader waiting for me, but I just haven’t been in the mood for madness recently. Once I get off holiday, then I imagine it will be time to jump back into Fletcher’s delusional delight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Wendell! Oh I hope you love it, yeah this is one of those books you need to be in the mood for. It’s extremely dark BUT I found it less severe then BR. Enjoy your holiday. Looking forward to seeing your review

      Liked by 1 person

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