The Mirrors Truth (Manifest Delusions #2) by Michael R. Fletcher 

“Self-loathing is the natural state for humanity. We know there is something wrong with us. We are at war with ourselves, and it’s a war we are doomed to lose.”


This book needs to be accompanied by some crazy epic death metal & head banging. I used to be a metal head, but in my old age I find it pretty hectic, however if you read this novel whilst listening to death metal (the real growly shit), I guarantee your experience will be enhanced. Mine was anyway.

Actual footage of me rocking out lol jokes If I did this I swear I’d pull the muscles in my neck & have to wear a neck brace, I’m too old for this shite.

Anyway, sorry about the rambling my mind is in out of space lately, so expect a ton of word vomit & fangirling, come to think of it.. I think I’m Fletcher’s first squealing mess of a fan, I crumble like a teenage girl at a one direction concert over his shite.
Seriously folks what a goddam rutting mess. Once again I am left wondering why I’m so goddamn morbid?! How can I love something so gritty, warped & twisted? Actually I lied, I don’t love this novel. I actually adore it. If I could cuddle the novel for being so incredibly fucked up I would, but I won’t because that would be awkward. I love the grit, I love the darkness & most of all I loved all the violence. I am now labeling Fletcher the king of grimdark. He definitely knows how to bring the grim to the dark. Like my body wasn’t prepared for the feels and grimness that this book delivered. IT CRUSHED MY SOUL. I RUTTING CRIED. Seriously I never thought I’d cry over characters I hated with a passion or even feel any remorse for them. But I did. Michael is an extremely talented author, he made us hate the characters in book one & in book two we felt empathy for them. FEELING EMPATHY FOR VILLAINS IS SACRILEGIOUS, ITS NOT RIGHT… Thanks for sucker punching me in the jaw.

“Sometimes you don’t talk like the kind of man who slams another man’s head against the floor until his skull breaks.”

Basically this book is about all the good shit normal authors don’t explore madness, death, chaos & violence. Bedeckt has a list of crimes he won’t commit, however he has already broken those rules and caused more damage then he ever thought he would. The Geborene God seeks to remake the world. He wants it perfect and clean. However he is having trouble in a world full of the insane. Bedeckt wants to put an end to the madness he has created. But he is being followed by his two best friends who he abandoned, Wichtig the greatest swordsman in the world & Stelhan a kleptomaniac (this chick is crazy, like beyond redemption, she would cut your throat in your sleep for fun). Who will reach the God first? Or will Bedeckt die before he gets a chance to redeem himself? What happens when the only sane person in the whole world is the craziest of them all? The dead shall rise & with them they will create a war that will tear the very fabric of existence. Sanity wasn’t real. It was a myth, a delusion. In a mad world, in a reality governed by faith and belief and delusion, what was sanity? It’s madness. Fletcher has once again surpassed all my expectations, this book was incredible. And I’m not just saying that lightly, people were telling me “it’s so much darker then Beyond Redemption” of course I didn’t believe them because let be honest that book was just a black void of darkness.. however it’s true. This book is so much darker then BR. This novel just like its predesscor was a slow burn, the first 25% could be considered boring, however the concept is interesting enough to keep you engaged, at around the 30% mark you won’t be able to put the novel down as it gets really intense & keeps that pace until the last page. AND THAT ENDING WAS THE BEST ENDING IVE EVER READ, seriously it was fucking crazy. But the main thing that drew me in was Fletcher’s ability to make the vile characters so much more deep and likeable… Maybe even a tad loveable? they have regrets, they want redemption, some of them even want to be better people, so the character development is extremely well done and quite frankly some of the best I’ve read in a long time. But they are all still insane villains and as the saying goes It’s a shite world. Shite things happen. Fletcher has a way with words, his writing is flawless and it’s actually full of words of wisdom. I saved so many quotes from this gem because I just adored nearly every sentence. If I were to compare his prose to another author i would say it’s very similar to Abercrombie’s writing style, however for me I think Fletcher is just that little bit better, like a tiny smidgen and that’s just because of his creativity, he has created a terrible spit and phlegm filled world with terrible characters where everyone is ugly, so for me this is one of the most unique and imaginative stories I’ve read in a long time and contains one of the most different plot-lines I’ve had the pleasure to read. Another thing Fletcher does well is he has you on the edge of your seat while your reading. It’s a very unpredictable read, anything could happen at anytime and he definitely doesn’t give a shit about killing his main characters so expect the unexpected. I also love the fact the story is told in multi person POV, there’s a lot of story lines going on but they are all wrapped up neatly with a big blood, vomit & phlegm stained bow at the end. It’s definitely another one of those thought provoking novels that has you questioning your own sanity and wondering if the person in the mirror is actually a part of your delusions and secretly wants to choke the life from your body for fun, remember if the person in the mirror starts talking to you “The mirror ever lies,”, so you can’t trust them..

The Mirrors Truth also brings some refreshing themes to the typically tropes your used to in fantasy novels, with some mind blowing differentness included in the mix, so if your sick of boring books, you should definitely check out Fletcher’s work. My prior complaints I had with book one were definitely sorted out, the word shite is used less and the German names are becoming easier to handle, plus don’t forget to use this saviour as a reference if you decide to pick up his work, it’s an absolute must; Beyond Redemption Wiki

“I love that moment when you see it in their eyes, the dawning understanding that you have absolutely and utterly rutted their lives. It is the most delicious meal you will ever taste. And the more complete the betrayal, the better the flavour.”

I feel like everyone on earth whines for diversity in books, this authors work is so diverse it’s ridiculous. It features every type of crazy, every skin colour, it also explores lesbian relationships. But in saying that, if your someone who likes those things but are overly sensitive to violence and triggers eg rape, murder, torture. Don’t touch these books, seriously, They are incredibly twisted, gritty & disturbing. If I see someone read and trash these books I may have to stab them with a blunt object & I’m not even joking. I will feel personally wounded by your hate. I love these books like a child.

“Who could love this? No one. No one could love such a vile person.”


“Our scars are reminders of the mistakes we’ve made,”


“Sometimes the most unpredictable people were the most predictable.”

all fanart by Quint VonCanon
Another Warning just in case you didn’t read the last one.. you should not read these novels if your overly sensitive, they contain child abuse, rape, disturbing themes, animal abuse and quite possibly the most cringiest torture scenes ever, seriously one had me cowering in the corner and I honestly felt truly ill while reading it. Also there’s some weird rutting shite going on.“Erdbehüter watched as he eyed a scab, licking his lips. She watched hunger and disgust do war. Hunger won. He ate the scab” so if your a Squeamish petal, stay away.

“Poets and story tellers always went on about how terrible that first kill was, how it haunted people. Bedeckt laughed every time he heard that. Such utter shite. Murder was nothing.”

Recommended to all fans of grimdark and anyone with a harden heart whose looking for something different. Fletchers stories are a hidden gem that should be on every hardcore fantasy fans favourite list.

Ps. Just realised I wrote a novel on a novel..
Pss. Michael sorry to be an annoying pig rutter but can you seriously hurry up and write book three? Please & thank you.
Review for series so far;
Beyond Redemption – 10/10

The Mirrors Truth – 10/10

Total rating so far: 20/20
Review by Luna

3 thoughts on “The Mirrors Truth (Manifest Delusions #2) by Michael R. Fletcher 

  1. Used to be a metal head?!? Oh God, what do you listen to now?? Bieber??😂

    Hey! I’m overly sensitive and I love these books! While I think about it I think all Y-A readers should read them too! Ya know, show them a different world to puppies, kittens and fluffy clouds!😂

    It definitely has a great ending! Such an awesome book!

    Damn it, I thought I pushed boundaries with my price guide post, probably the most amount of swearing in a blog post ever! But damn, you wrote diverse and whines in the same sentence, Bwahahahaha, f#cking awesome!😂 If the diverse lovers read this they’d just complain about the violence and twistedness of it!😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I’d rather swallow glass then listen to Bieber! I listen to tons of music, basically everything except pop but I always find myself rocking out to punk, rap, hardcore & indie (listening to a lot of new wave and weird hippy folk stuff). Do you listen to bieber? His your favourite right?
      Hahahaha your just a big kitten right? A big tattooed kitten. Haha no doubt they’d find something problematic with the books, BUT I must say not all YA readers are haters my friends read YA and some would love this twisted stuff.

      Amen to that brother! Best ending ever.
      Hahhaaha 😂 ah I love swearing, it’s so fucking fun. you know what my original post was full of swearing so I edited most of it out because some sentences literally read like “fuck yeah this was good fucking shite”

      Hahahaha! I’m an awful person and I don’t care. That’s why I put up the warning that if they read this expecting rainbows & kittens then trashed it id have to stab them. No one is allowed to complain about these novels around me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, I love me some Bieber, he’s wonderful, I enjoy listening to him whilst eating fudge and sausages!😂 UK reference but it’s bad!😂

        Ha, I gathered that ‘rutting’ was used to replace swear words in the review! You see, that sentence you used sounded awesome to me but then again I like swearing!😂

        I didn’t mean all Y-A lovers, can’t pigeon hole them all but they do annoy me when they pick apart adult fantasy for the adult elements, it’d be like me reading one of their books and then bemoaning the lack of visceral limb severing and the actual disappointment that there wasn’t infact fluffy clouds and kittens in the book!😂

        Lmao, stab people, slightly over the top!😂

        Liked by 1 person

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