Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter

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Rating: 9.5/10

“Love is joy, love is suffering, love is tenderness, love is beautiful. Love is you.” 

Dear Author,

If you were aiming to crush my heart then consider your mission accomplished.

*searches entire room*

Question of the day:  Do you guys have cameras on me???

I found it pretty funny that someone recommended this book to me LITERALLY right after I finished watching the actual movie. I’m onto you peopleeeeee -.- AND YES, the movie was fantastic. (When I mean fantastic, I actually meant Luke Evans because *heart eyes* he got some strong visuals!!!)



I went into this book fully convinced I’d be getting a cute, fluffy, light read BUT you guessed it.

Tweebs was definitely wrong.

I was a few chapters in and then began to realize, “Wait, what the heck. What kind of..?? THIS AIN’T NO CUTE, FLUFFY, LIGHT READ. WHO LIED TO ME???” 

This is a dark retelling.

And it was absolutely amazing. 

“If I’m a monster, mademoiselle, it’s because man’s cruelty has made me so.”

I never had the pleasure to read any books written by Rachel L. Demeter. And guys!!! She is such a lovely human being and I’m honored to call myself a fan of her work because who wouldn’t want to be a fan after reading this book???? I’ve been sold and so will you! 

*cue evil laugh* 

Beauty of the Beast, had a captivating plot, incredible characters, and “why can’t this happen to me??” romance. It revolves around two characters: Prince Adam and Isabelle. This isn’t your typical retelling, I tell you. Wipe everything from your minds.

The story begins with Prince Adam. Obviously, you know, he’s the Beast but unlike any other retelling, he didn’t become a Beast through magical means. When Adam was a child, he witnessed the horrible murder of his family. He was left severely scarred from being burned which resulted in isolating himself from everyone and letting them believe he died that night inside the castle. Isabelle, is our Beauty, who takes care of her visually impaired father. To get treatment for her father; it requires forcing herself to marry an awful and abusive rich man named Raphael, who would provide the money to keep her father alive.


I don’t want to spoil much since this is a spoil-free review but trust me on this. You will not regret reading this book. C’mon, it’s practically calling you. Don’t be rude. Pick it up.


Can we have a moment of silence and appreciate Adam?? Because I don’t know if y’all are aware of the fact that I’m an absolute sucker for flawed, broken characters BUT I AM. Did I find this supposed flawed, broken character within this book ?? YES I DID. 

“I’m here with you, for you. And I won’t let you go.” 

Adam is just a precious cinnamon roll. *sigh*

You could tell right off the bat that he just wanted to be loved and needed a companion. Listen, I’m not saying that I volunteer to be that person for Adam but that’s exactly what I’m saying. However, I loved his growth the most because his personality didn’t change rapidly; it was gradual. From the start, he was rude but then the ice began to melt and he became friendly, kind and loving.

*forever sigh* 

I loved how he was able to battle his demons and accept himself and that people aren’t afraid of him if he gives them a reason to be. Okay, this is where Isabelle comes in. She was afraid of him because….well YOU KNOW. But, she let go of her fear and was able to genuinely talk to him as if they were friends for 10 years or something. Her character was refreshing. You get the sense that she’s very independent, a bit naive, brave, loyal and loves her father very much. I loved how she looked beneath Adam’s scars and seen the REAL him. She was able to love and accept him as a whole. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cry in a corner because I’m emotional right now. I feel like a parent giving away her child.

In conclusion, I loved this book like guys, I read this within a day.  I loved it that much like I just couldn’t put it down. Yeah, I lost some precious sleep over it but it was so worth it. I hope you will give this book a chance and maybe love it more than me……but that’s unlikely ;p

Now, you’ll excuse me again, I’m going to go re-watch the movie and most likely cry over the Beauty of Luke Evans.

Review by Tweebs 🙂 

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