The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

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Rating: 10/10

“The trick is to never stop looking. There’s always another secret.” 


what the heck

I’m 9000% sure that Sanderson practices Black magic. I have never felt SO conflicted over a book in my entire existence. No, I’m fully convinced that this is a product of black magic. Sanderson must’ve woke up one day and thought,“It’s a good day to ruin someone’s life.”


I’ve NEVER thought in a million years that picking up the The Final Empire will become the bane of my existence. I was recommended to read this book by a few people and I’d like to obviously bless their souls but as of now…..I curse you for not preparing me. I experienced about a thousand mind blowing moments and I was NOT prepared for even ONE OF THEM (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

I literally went into this book like: 

(Moral of the image: Never go into a book and think you’ll come out emotionally stable. You won’t know what 1+1 is by the time you’re finished.)

I came out like:

It’s like this book was crafted in heaven. A blessing, I tell you. I think I’ve questioned myself countless times because what have I been doing with my life?? How could I sleep? How could I eat?? How could I literally do anything knowing that this book was out there in the world??? Question is, how could I totally be unaware of this magnificent creation???


*deep breath* 

This review will MOST definitely be a gigantic hot mess. I suggest you guys BUCKLE UP!! 

The Final Empire, is a story featured around a group of misfits who are quite literally trying to overthrow the Final Empire.

The Skaa, are people who have been oppressed by an undefeatable God known as the Lord Ruler. For 1000 years, the Lord Ruler has been in charge and ran the entire empire through Inquisitors (They are really creepy and I would definitely run if I see one) and Obligators. The Skaa, cannot fight against them because

1) They failed before

2) They don’t have any hope

3) Who the heck wants to fight Inquisitors or the Lord Ruler?? Let’s be real

This, my friend, is where Kelsier comes in. Kelsier, is a mist born (They are rare people who have the ability to burn all metals. It’s called Allomancy) who has a deep, burning hatred for the Lord Ruler for many reasons (Read the book, buddy, and you’ll know). He was hired by a Skaa Rebellion Leader who wants Kelsier’s hand in the assistance of the rebellion against the Lord Ruler and the Nobles. Why?

1) Kelsier is badass

2) His crew is kick ass

3) He is the best of the best

4) He is ruthless (and humorous)

5) Who wouldn’t want to have him on board ??

“You see the dilemma?” Ham asked. “I see an idiot,” Breeze mumbled.”

His crew is made up of Mistings (they only specialize in burning one metal) and thugs who are extremely talented. All of them compliment each other but are very different from one another. The diversity is what makes it unique. They have taken upon themselves to get rid of the Lord Ruler and his puppets (fully aware that they’re signing their own death certificates.) and to diminish the tight rope around the Skaa. 

I’m afraid I have to stop because this is a spoil-free review and plus, there are so many things to address (I lowkey have nooooooo clue where to begin.) The story is mostly narrated by the two main characters: Kelsier and Vin. 

“And Vin liked solitude. When you’re alone, no one can betray you” 

I loved Vin’s character. Her past was honestly messed up and I may or may not have shed a few tears on her behalf. Just like Kelsier, Vin is a mist born, who was accidentally discovered. Well, after a few events which I can’t obviously discuss SINCE THIS IS A SPOIL FREE REVIEW!! but BAAMM!! Vin is a part of Kelsier’s crew of badassery. I’m so looking forward to seeing her growth within this series. I just know she’s going to be awesome. 

“I am the one thing you can never kill. I am Hope.” 

Okay, now Kelsier.  I’m not saying Kelsier is my husband and I dare any individual to fight me on this but that’s exactly what I’m saying 🙂 Anyway, how does one even know where to begin on Kelsier???? Like y’all should know he is absolutely awesome like I would highkey run away from him. He went through a lot after being sent to the Pits of Hathsin (It’s a place the Lord Ruler sends skaa’s and no one ever escapes…alive. Dun Dun Dunnnnn!!!) BUT HE DID!! He came out as a completely different person (Read the book and you’ll know why) and is hell bent on trying to destroy the Lord Ruler and Nobility. He came up with this outrageous, foolish plan to overthrow the Final Empire which brings us back to the rebellion and yeah. 

Once you’ve read the book then I’m pretty sure you’ll probably understand that hot mess of an explanation.


Especially that plot twist, now can someone explain that?? I’ll pay you $5 to break it down to me because I refuse to accept this cruelty that Sanderson has given me. Honestly like HOW DARE YOU!!! One does not simply create a plot twist without discussing the full implications of what it’s gonna do to me. I literally felt like all my organs were being squeezed. I did NOT see that coming. I don’t think God seen it coming either. I was like, “LA LA LA LA WAIT NO STOP……NOO WHAT THE HELL.” 

Yeah, you guessed it right.




Brings me back to my original question: Does Sanderson practice Black Magic ?? 

“Oh, don’t worry. If you didn’t say some stupid things every once in a while, you certainly wouldn’t fit in with this group.”

I don’t know how I’m going to cope with all this feelings. Sanderson, I salute you for this brilliant product of Black Magic. Everyone must pick this up. It’s not an option. You must pick this UP. I don’t care who you are but I will most definitely come to your house and be like:


Review by Tweebs 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

  1. I listened to the audio version of this. Loved it so much!

    If you thought there were some emotional parts in this, you have a few waiting for you in book 2 as well. One bit annoyed me so much as I had grew to love a certain character so much. And then a certain thing happened 😢


  2. In my opinion, you did manage to paint a picture of what this story is about. Considering how complex the plot is, this might be the best attempt. lol
    And the plot twist though, (Spoiler Alert) I finished this one and picked the next immedeatly in hopes that it might be a lie. :,(


  3. I love how excited you are 🙂 Kelsier is one of my favourite characters ever now! And Vin is one of the most badass heroines, the books are soo great and keep getting better and better – the last of this trilogy just blew my mind!


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