Bound (Book of the Ancestor #2.5) by Mark Lawrence

Rating 10/10

“It is important, when killing a novice, to ensure you bring a force of sufficient size.”

Bound is another stabtastic (© Kristoff & Lawrence) story set in the superb Book of the Ancestor series from Mark Lawrence and takes place a short while after the events in Grey Sister.

The lowdown is that nobles are being murdered, presumably poisoned, but no-one is sure of the how or why. Arabella hailing from a noble family herself is deemed the perfect candidate for the task, so she is sent together with Regol & Kettle to infiltrate the nobles and find the killer.

What follows is some killing, kissing and kickassery. Not necessarily in that order.

It’s a fun story, over too quickly, but it hits the spot as a little something to bide the time while we wait for the release of Holy Sister. (*stares depressingly at calendar) Mark Lawrence has really perfected the art of the killer short story (pun intended) and I find myself demanding more tales in this series. Especially if they are executed as immaculately as this.

“And it’s not like I don’t know how much trouble one little kiss can lead to…”

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