Hi, I’m Tweebs 🙂 

I consider myself to be a very sarcastic human being. Don’t believe me??? Let’s say, if I was ever in a situation where a gun was being held against my head. Odds are, I would 100000% find myself saying, “What you going to do?? Shoot me???” 


This is such a bad start.

Let me re-introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Tweebs 🙂 

And I love reading. I love the feeling of being able to escape and jump into any story I want. Some of my family and friends in real life would disagree but I always reply with my usual, “You’re just jealous that the Book Life didn’t choose you.”  

You have full permission to use this line because it’s pure genius :p

I love ALL genres. I find it so hard to just pick one. I’m that type of individual who is literally down to reading anything. And if I was asked about choosing my favorite genre then I’d feel like you’re asking me, “what do you prefer: Food or Oxygen?”  

I’ll just provide a list of genres I simply cherish: YA, Contemporary, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, NA, Historical Romance & several more. 

My reviews are always spoiler-free and if they aren’t then I will make sure to add a warning 🙂

Also, a bit of myself 🙂

○ I prefer food over humans
○ Love to explore & search for new things to do or places to go!
○ I’m a kdrama/kpop fanatic
○ I see something; I take picture. In other words, I love photography.

You can find me and all my reviews at : Goodreads

Aaaaaand wow 😮 I can’t believe you came this far! Congratulations. You deserve an award 🙂